Editorial﹕May the June Fourth spirit be carried on

【明報專訊】A sea of glowing candlelight filled Victoria Park again in memory of the 30th anniversary of the June Fourth Incident. Looking back, Hong Kong has never been an onlooker of democratic movements in China. June Fourth commemoration by the people of Hong Kong is both a domestic political movement and a political bond linking the city to the mainland. For 30 years, Hong Kong citizens have, for the sake of historical justice, insisted on coming in their tens of thousands to the mass vigil rain or shine. By demanding the official rehabilitation of the incident and preserving the flame of the 1989 Democratic Movement, they have made this tiny little land at the southern tip of China the "holy land of commemorating June Fourth" that reminds the world never to forget June Fourth. This unswerving determination of Hong Kong people is worthy to be proud of. Even though rehabilitation seems nowhere in sight, the perseverance shall be carried on.