Editorial : TransUnion security loopholes remain unplugged

【明報專訊】THE security of the online service of TransUnion, who holds the credit information of over five million people in Hong Kong, was found to contain major flaws. TransUnion submitted a report to the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) six months after the flaws were exposed. However, the report was written in a slipshod manner and has been rejected by the HKAB. TransUnion's majority shareholder is a US‑based company. It is the sole consumer credit information service agency in Hong Kong. Since it holds the most sensitive financial information of Hong Kong citizens, it is obliged to strengthen privacy protection. However, TransUnion has failed to put forth any method to plug the security loopholes and reopen its online credit report service. What is even more shocking is that the report does not make a comment or draw a conclusion regarding the overall security situation. The government should strengthen its regulation of TransUnion and introduce competitors to prevent monopolies in the market.