Editorial : Interim report on Hung Hom: More confusion created

【明報專訊】THE independent commission of inquiry on the construction problems of Hung Hom station of the Sha Tin-Central Link has submitted an interim report in which it is stated that the diaphragm walls and the platform slabs are safe and the shortening of steel bars was an isolated and sporadic incident. The conclusion of the report jars with what many people think has happened. Whether the platform of Hung Hom station is safe or not, we can only trust the experts. The problem is the experts are not unanimous in their opinions. We should not approach the result of the independent investigation the way a bad loser does. However, what confuses the public is why the construction works are "safe" even though they are plagued with irregularities; what the definition of "safe" is and how we should conceive it; why the commission has reached a conclusion before the inspection of the steel bars is completed.