Editorial﹕Good policies are more important than PR skills

【明報專訊】THE Transport Department's publicity video starring award-winning actress Deanie Ip has, with her biting but humorous remarks reminding people to be a considerate rather than selfish passenger, struck a chord with many. Unpleasant encounters on public transport are, to some extent, a common experience for passengers on the MTR or buses. It is natural that the video's down-to-earthness has resonated with citizens. From the popular character ANYONE created by the Fire Services Department to the upcoming Budget Speech today (Feb 27), various departments of the government have made efforts to move with the times, running public relations (PR) campaigns in a relatively out-of-the-box manner to interact with the public to varying degrees of success. It is of course not a bad thing for the government to give more thought to better public communication work. However, what is the most important is still formulating down-to-earth policies and implementing them in a way with empathy. Otherwise, even the most brilliant public relations exercise will only lead to an overwhelming sea of "angry reactions" from netizens.