Editorial : Partial requisition of Fanling Golf Course

【明報專訊】IN response to the Report of the Task Force on Land Supply (TFLS), the government has "fully endorsed" the eight prioritised options on land supply recommended by the task force, including the partial development of 32 hectares of land of the Fanling Golf Course. However, the government's decision to extend the lease of the remaining 140 hectares of land of the golf course to 2027 and to put on hold near-shore reclamation at Ma Liu Shui has raised doubts whether the government is capitulating to the rich and powerful and pressure from political parties. A total of 3,200 hectares of land can be provided through the eight priority options recommended by the TFLS. If fully implemented, they can help to resolve the crisis of shortage of land in Hong Kong. The problem is whether the government is determined and able to implement these options. Take for example the development of the 32 hectares of land of the Fanling Golf Course. Actual housing construction plans have to go through a series of assessments and consultations, and it is not uncommon for construction plans to be obstructed and postponed for years. It is no wonder that the public is worried that requisitioning is a sham and that the truth is maintaining the status quo. To dispel public doubts, the government must take action to show that it is determined to create land at full speed.