Editorial : More scandals over the MTR Sha Tin-Central link

【明報專訊】THE MTR Sha Tin-Central link is faced with a new scandal. A large number of construction records for two approach tunnels and a stabling siding have gone missing, and there has been unauthorised alteration of design and unauthorised work. In the meantime, in the ongoing exercise to inspect the steel bars by opening up the concrete at Hung Hom station, the MTR's testing method using ultrasound appears to be seriously flawed. Its credibility is now being questioned. The most recent construction problem has shed light again on the MTR's haphazard supervision and the fact that the contractor has been doing whatever it likes as though there is no supervision at all. The MTR must draw up a credible plan to verify comprehensively the structural safety and quality of the construction work of Hung Hom station. The government has decided to inspect all the other stations of the Sha Tin-Central link. The inspection must be done thoroughly and it must not be rushed through for the purpose of opening the line as soon as possible.