Common Nonsense : Institutional Sense

【明報專訊】"One Country Two Systems" was a sweet constitutional principle. Unfortunately, after more than two decades' adulteration and corruption it has rotten as an ideological expression which in turn is doomed to be another instance of common nonsense. The heavy use and even over use render it to be so common a slogan that it could readily be shot from one's mind to one's lips without thinking. Once shot, it immediately sounds nonsense now as the practice we have witnessed defies what is supposedly to be the original meaning and connotations of the term — a binocular constitutional vision founded on the respect for plurality and differences. One Country does not precede Two Systems. It consists of the Two Systems! A great country is not made of great men (not to mention the singular strong man!) but great institutions. A country turns great only when she adopts and successfully builds herself on ingenious institutions. Two Systems was once a candidate for such an institution.