Editorial:The government's ambiguous position on the partial development of the Fanling Golf Course

【明報專訊】THE Task Force on Land Supply has proposed that the government should give priority to eight options. Of these options, the only one that Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor remains non-committal about is the partial development of the Fanling Golf Course. She has said instead that "it would probably be irresponsible" for the government to fully accept suggestions put forward in any report. Using land on Private Recreational Leases and reclaiming land from the sea are among the options supported by over 60% of people. What Lam has said shows that there is a gap between the opinion of government officials and that of the public. Now the question is whether the government should respect mainstream public opinion. If the government insists on rejecting the proposal of the task force, it should first convince the public by providing reasons grounded on stronger public support and principles of overriding importance.