Editorial : The conspiracy theories about Meng Wanzhou's passports

【明報專訊】HUAWEI's deputy-chairperson Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested earlier, has been granted bail by a Canadian court. The judge has criticised some claims of the US as speculative. He has clarified that Meng has only two valid passports, which were issued by Hong Kong and mainland China, and has also dismissed the suggestion that Meng possesses "multiple valid passports". To prevent Meng from being released on bail, the US Department of Justice created the impression that Meng posed a flight risk, and Hong Kong was drawn into the incident as a result. It is understandable that Hong Kong people wanted the truth. But it is regrettable that many people had preconceived ideas and believed the one-sided claims of the US. What is valuable about a free and open society is that one can monitor the government and the rich and powerful. However, one should also be vigilant about facts being conflated with prejudice, which is not uncommon in the age of post-truth. The controversy over Meng's passports is worth reflecting upon.