Editorial : Democracy fails in the Brexit farce

【明報專訊】THE Brexit (Britain's exit from the European Union) deal that came of two years' talks with the EU is now facing a premature demise. Aware that the deal would be voted down by a wide margin if tabled to Parliament, British Prime Minister Theresa May made a U-turn at the eleventh hour and delayed the scheduled vote. While May said she would try to renegotiate the deal with the EU, it is doubtful any dramatic changes will come up. With Brexit in a blind alley, the pound has dived to a 20-month low and may dip even further. The vote to leave the EU in the referendum two years ago was unrealistic. Even the most capable negotiator cannot turn such a wild decision into a wise one. The Brexit quest has become a farce. Too many people have put self-interest above the common good, resulting in the failure of democracy and incapability to solve the crisis. The absurdity of future developments could be without limit.