Editorial : US takes aim at daughter of Huawei's founder

【明報專訊】HUAWEI Technologies' deputy chairwoman Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, the eldest daughter of the Chinese private enterprise's founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested in Canada and sought for extradition by the US. The Chinese government has made stern representations with the US and Canada and demanded her immediate release. This has happened in the middle of the high technology spat between the US and China. A US senator has suggested that her arrest was related to violations of the US trade embargo on Iran but in the past the US seldom resorted to arrest and extradition over this kind of dispute. The unusual detention of Meng shows that Washington is making more ferocious moves than before. The matter is more serious in nature than its past sanctions on ZTE. A great nation is not supposed to resort to hooliganism. During the half year since the Sino-US trade war kicked off, Beijing has not put US companies in China in much trouble. By comparison, the bashing of Huawei by Washington has raised many eyebrows. This is casting more doubts over Sino-US trade negotiations and further escalating the tension between the two countries. Whether China will continue to exercise restraint and forbearance is something we have to closely follow.