Editorial﹕Pearls of wisdom and a crimson heart

【明報專訊】FOUNDER of Ming Pao and renowned wuxia (or martial arts) novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung has passed away at the age of 94. An intellectual running a newspaper business, he made Hong Kong his home while remaining mindful of national affairs and deeply concerned about the country and its people. Cha made his name as a great writer, and, with his crimson heart of loyalty, offered pearls of wisdom to the nation. Written under the pen name Jin Yong, his novels have won universal adoration and brought the wuxia genre to its apex, so much so "wherever you find Chinese people you can find Jin Yong's works". Political controversies are short-lived compared to the immortality of culture. The cultural heritage left by Cha will be engraved in the memory of all Chinese worldwide.