Editorial : HK people forced to accept nano flats as normal

【明報專訊】MICRO-APARTMENTS are an increasingly widespread phenomenon that has given rise to many problems across big cities around the world. The Singapore government has recently moved to limit the number of "shoe-box units" that property developers can build. Whether similar measures can work also in Hong Kong may require detailed examination. Nevertheless, the Hong Kong government must not sit back and do nothing about the nano flat problem, leaving it in the hands of the market to decide everything. Nano flats in Hong Kong have become increasingly common and tiny. No flats can ever be called the tiniest because even tinier ones are bound to come up later. Although such flats are unsuitable for living, the government has seemed to see no way out of the problem. With people gradually getting accustomed to their existence, nano flats are not resisted in society any more. Hong Kong's shortfall in land and housing supply has distorted not only the market, but also people's concept of home buying. People are forced to accept that "hungry ones cannot be choosy about food". In order to meet their need for buying homes, even "substandard flats" of any sort have to be taken into consideration. In view of such a sad situation faced by all, Hong Kong must hasten its pace in expanding land for housing rather than continue to let time slip away.