Editorial : Mainland China takes on irregularities in film and television industry

【明報專訊】FAMOUS mainland actress Fan Bingbing has been heavily fined for tax evasion. She has been ordered to pay a total of 884 million yuan in unpaid taxes and fines. Fan, who vanished for months, has made a public apology on her Weibo account. The case has come as a shock to the performing arts sector on the mainland. On the one hand, it sheds light on the irregularities in the film and television industry on the mainland; on the other hand, it reflects that local governments often fail to comply with the law or enforce the law strictly, which has encouraged the unhealthy trend of tax evasion. As a warning to others, the State Administration of Taxation has targeted Fan while urging other offenders in the performing arts sector to turn themselves in and pay overdue taxes by the end of the year. It underlines the authorities' determination to tackle the malpractice in the industry and actively combat tax evasions. Members of Hong Kong's performing arts sector and Hong Kong investors on the mainland should be more vigilant and must never violate the law.