Editorial : Faster Payment System launched in Smart City push

【明報專訊】THE Faster Payment System (FPS) has been officially launched in Hong Kong and is expected to connect different banks and stored-value facility (SVF) operators fully at the end of this month. By then people will be able to transfer funds in Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi across different banks. They can also top up accounts for their mobile wallets, transfer money or make payments through the system. The launch of the FPS marks a new era for Hong Kong's payment system, which is about to bring about a sea change to the retail payment ecosystem, reshape people's daily habits and stimulate further innovations in financial technology. The government should play a more active role and take the lead to promote the use of the new system as soon as possible by various government departments and public utilities. With the progress of building Hong Kong into a smart city being slow and behind its neighbouring advanced cities, the launch of the FPS is at least a concrete step forward. The government has to make up for lost time with no further delay.