Editorial : Lack of coordination in campaign against mosquitoes

【明報專訊】A string of dengue fever cases has arisen in Hong Kong from obviously more than one source of infection. The following two weeks will be of crucial importance to containing the spread of the disease. The exacerbation of global warming and the increasingly frequent movements of people have significantly heightened the risk of dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases causing havoc across Hong Kong. In recent years, major dengue fever outbreaks have occurred in Guangdong Province and Taiwan, leading to tens of thousands of infection cases and killing more than one hundred people. There is still not enough awareness in Hong Kong society of preventing mosquito-borne diseases, and the government departments do not work in coordination with each other in their daily work against mosquitoes. The consequences will be unimaginable if the disease spreads in urban areas. To address the threat of dengue fever, the government has to start with a reform of the system and raise awareness of combatting mosquitoes.