John Larrysson's Column: Summer Story Chapter 6 Part 7c - Answers for Review Questions

Answers for Review Questions: The Bear in the Way 

1. When did her father leave home? (Specific information) 

E.    It was just before dawn. 

2. When did her father leave town? (Specific information) 

F.    It was just before evening. 

3. Where did her father go in town? (Inference, he was carrying his shopping.)

C. Store 

4. When her father left town, he was going to _______ . (specific information)    

D.    his home

 (Note: the forest at night - It is not his destination, just the obstacle.) 

5.  Under what light did her father see the bear? (specific information)

E.    Starlight

6. When he saw the bear it was ________ . (specific information)

A.    standing

7. Her father hit the bear with a ______ . (specific information)

E.    stick 

8. Why didn't the bear eat her father? (Main idea)

B.    It was not a real bear. 

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