Editorial : Irregularities in fundraising activities: legislation is required

【明報專訊】AS Hong Kong's charitable fundraising activities are often plagued by irregularities, the government has introduced four administrative measures to improve the transparency of the accounts of fundraising activities of charities and safeguard donors' interests. However, it is doubtful whether the new measures are enough to set things to rights. In recent years, there have been all sorts of fundraising activities on the street and it has become confusing for people. The financial accounts of some "charitable organisations" are incomprehensible, and once in a while one hears of organisations reaping money in the name of charity. All this has made the public deeply sceptical about their activities. The government has not established any statutory body to strengthen the regulation of charities' fundraising activities. The new measures, apart from being long overdue, are only piecemeal changes and their impact will be limited. As the measures are still reliant on self-discipline on the part of charitable organisations, it is hard to rebuild public confidence.