Editorial : Public Private Partnership for Land Provision

【明報專訊】HALF of the five-month period of the big debate on land supply has elapsed, and the Task Force on Land Supply is to conduct a large-scale random-sampling opinion poll in August so as to present its suggestions to the government. As the big debate is at a critical juncture, it is time to review all the major options one by one. Of the four short- and mid-term options suggested by the Task Force, the development of private agricultural land reserves in the New Territories has aroused the most controversy. The government prefers "Public Private Partnership for Land Provision" in order to release land as soon as possible. However, many people in society have argued that the government should reclaim idle agricultural land directly. These two ways of thinking, which are in marked contrast to each other, reflect two sets of opposing points of view regarding the relationship between the government and property developers.