John Larrysson's Column: Summer Story Chapter 6 Part 4c - Answers for Review Questions

Answers for Review Questions: Milking Sukey

1. When did Laura and her mother go to milk the cow? (specific information)

D. Evening

2. How did Laura feel about helping her mother? (specific information)

A.    Happy

3. Who doesn't live in a barn? (inference and the use of a negative connection between ideas)

C.    Laura

4. What did Laura first see standing at the gate? (identifying details)

A.    A dim shape

5. Who tried to open the gate? (specific information)

B.    Her mother

6. The bear was ______  the gate. (identifying the connection between ideas)

B.    behind

7. The gate opens ________.  (identifying the connection between ideas)

B.    inwards

8. Black bears have  _______. (inference)

D. thick dark hair and a pair of eyes

9. Why did Laura's mother say, “You were a good girl”? (gist)

F.    She did as she was told.

10. Why didn’t the bear eat Laura? (inference)

E.    The bear was too surprised.

Not F. The bear was not hungry. (This is a tough distraction; it was spring, all bears are hungry)

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