Editorial : Persisting in June 4 remembrance despite hard times

【明報專訊】TODAY marks the 29th anniversary of the June 4 Incident, and Victoria Park will once again be lit up by candles in remembrance of those killed in the 1989 Democratic Movement. June 4 commemorative activities in Hong Kong have run into the most enormous difficulties in recent years. On the one hand, some have claimed that chanting slogans of "ending one-party dictatorship" may be against the national constitution, and shouters of such slogans may even risk being considered unqualified to run in future elections. On the other hand, some young people have refused to take up the torch of remembrance and chosen to stay away from the commemorative activities because of identity politics. It is an objective political reality that Hong Kong cannot sever itself from the mainland. The more the mainland shows its "self-confidence in the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics", the more Hong Kong people need to insist on demanding an official rehabilitation of people involved in June 4 and on battling historical amnesia. The 1989 Democratic Movement is a patriotic democratic movement that should not have been cracked down forcefully and cruelly. Vindicating June 4 is for the sake of safeguarding universal values and doing justice to history. That should never be bound by identity politics.