Editorial : Coldness towards June 4 Incident is not advisable

【明報專訊】AS the 29th anniversary of the June 4 Incident is approaching, a latest survey has shown that the proportion of Hong Kong people in support of the rehabilitation of people involved in the incident dropped to the second lowest on record in 10 years. The indifference shown by the young generation towards remembering June 4 reflects their growing aloofness towards the mainland. In general, the new generation do not have the same passion felt by the older generation towards our country. That is the situation, like it or lump it. That being said, one cannot evade the political reality that Hong Kong's fate is intertwined with that of China either. If one day mainland authorities offer a new evaluation of the 1989 Democracy Movement, the relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland will certainly turn the page as well. The historical role Hong Kong played during the 1989 Democracy Movement can never be wiped out. To detach oneself from the mainland and be unconcerned about the June 4 Incident is to be unconcerned about the history and the future of Hong Kong.