Editorial : End the confusion in the Mong Kok Pedestrian Precinct and rebuild
a culture of street performances

【明報專訊】THE NOISE POLLUTION and nuisance caused by performances at the Mong Kok Pedestrian Precinct (MKPP) are a long-standing problem. The Yau Tsim Mong District Council will discuss in an upcoming meeting whether they will request the government to shut it down. The MKPP was set up 18 years ago. However, the government has adopted a laissez-faire policy and has never regulated it seriously. As a result, a tiny wound has turned into a huge abscess. As the MKPP deteriorates into turfs of commercial street singers, its original purpose is defeated, and it also deviates from the ideal of equal access to public space. Shutting down the MKPP may not be the best solution and it may even have some repercussions. However, it is perhaps the only way to dispel the present confusion. The government should learn from this experience, review its public space management and consider introducing a licensing system so that the culture of street performances can develop in a healthy manner in the long run.