Editorial : Boldness and decisiveness needed in developing land

【明報專訊】THE BIG DEBATE on land supply has been launched and diverse views have been expressed by different parties. A mainstream consensus has yet to be reached. The debate on land should be based on public opinion and aimed at achieving a consensus most representative of the public opinion gradually. An opinion poll of the Chinese University commissioned by Our Hong Kong Foundation shows that nearly 80% of the citizens face the problem of "living in overcrowded conditions". About 60% of the people believe that Hong Kong should build a new town at least twice the size of Sha Tin, which will translate into a total area of 7,200 hectares. The outcome of the opinion poll shows that most people look forward to an increase in land supply. The study also lays bare the government's significant underestimation of the demand for land in the long run. No matter what the government is going to do to increase land supply, it must be bold and decisive and should not fear vested interests or any kind of political pressure. It should not tie its own hands and adopt only piecemeal measures.