Editorial : The silent majority should speak out in the land supply debate

【明報專訊】THE TASK FORCE ON LAND SUPPLY has launched a 5-month "big debate" on land supply and put forth 18 options so that the public can discuss them and come up with a consensus on how to increase land supply. In Hong Kong, the problem of land shortage has reached a critical point. While government officials should be blamed for their myopic attitude and failure to carry out their duties, some stakeholders who have only their personal interests on their minds and are too stubborn to change their points of view have pushed Hong Kong society into a blind alley. Hong Kong's prosperity hinges on the outcome of the "big debate". The government must summon up its political will and withstand the pressure from vested interests. Through credible mechanisms to gauge public opinion, it must help the silent majority make themselves heard. Instead of engaging in petty politicking, different stakeholders should also put aside their personal interests and take part in the discussion rationally. Ordinary citizens should participate in the "big debate" actively to prevent it from being hijacked by a handful of people.