Editorial : Privacy protection awareness must be strengthened

【明報專訊】ADEFUNCT CUSTOMER DATABASE of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) was hacked, leading to leakage of data about hundreds of thousands of its former customers. Even though HKBN has promised to take remedial measures, there are still many questions about the incident that have to be answered and the company should not keep its customers in the dark. In recent years, there have been many cases of firms in Hong Kong being hacked and data of their customers stolen. This shows that many firms are slack in terms of database security and that they do not treat their customers' interests as a top priority. An outdated Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance coupled with weak government regulation and a penalty which is too lenient has encouraged the private sector to become complacent about protecting customers' privacy. If Hong Kong is to become the capital of innovation and technology, all sectors of society must raise their awareness about privacy protection. The government also has the duty to improve legal regulation as soon as possible and should not allow a mere apology to become the norm.