Editorial : Hugely belated crackdown on ticket scalping

【明報專訊】AMID the recent public outcry over the difficulty to buy concert and entertainment show tickets scarce as gold dust and the rampant practice of consignment ticketing and touting activities, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has promised to review the relevant laws and raise the penalty. Although the problem of ticket scalping is not much of a major policy issue, people's desire for a fair and just ticketing arrangement should not be taken as an unreasonable demand. Good governance should be people-oriented. The Home Affairs Bureau should have long taken a proactive approach, plugged the legal loopholes and imposed effective measures to crack down on scalpers. It has no excuse for letting the Chief Executive get involved in everything while it remains laid-back, never starting to work unless given a push. Touting activities have plagued local people for many years. The procrastinating and slothful bureaucratic style reflected in the problem must be seriously addressed by the government.