Editorial﹕Legal proceedings against incoming lawmakers

【明報專訊】THE DUST has settled concerning the Legislative Council by-elections. However, someone who has raked over the past of legislator-elect Au Nok-hin has filed a judicial review of the validity of his candidacy, saying that he once burnt a copy of the Basic Law. Meanwhile Kwok Cheuk-kin, the "King of judicial reviews", has also cobbled together his argument, seeking an injunction to revoke the candidacy of another legislator-elect Vincent Cheng. In recent years, there has been endless bickering over political issues in Hong Kong. Some people abused the judicial process and see the courts as places for handling political issues. Other than chaos and troubles, no benefit can be brought to society. Au's eligibility to run in the by-election was verified by the returning officer. Although the decisions of a returning officer are not unchallengeable, it is doubtful the evidence we have at this stage is enough to invalidate the returning officer's judgement. Furthermore, resorting to judicial review after there is an election result gives one the impression that the people involved are sore losers who want to turn their defeat into victory through despicable means.