Editorial : "Auntie May"

【明報專訊】THERESA MAY, the British Prime Minister, visited China last week, causing a not unremarkable flurry of excitement. Both sides have stressed that the meeting is an enhanced version of the two countries' relationship in a "golden era". However, given the fact that the European Union and Hong Kong are no longer factors in the two countries' relationship, the question of how to further develop their relationship is now testing the vision and pragmatism of both countries' administrations. By design or accident, Theresa May has come to be known by the Chinese people as "Auntie May". A more kind-hearted person might explain that the nickname signals that the British prime minister is now part of China's family. However, the term "Auntie" carries both complimentary and derogatory connotations. It is Britain itself that decides what functions it wants to perform for China.