Editorial : Creation of smart city: take a bottom-up approach

【明報專訊】HONG KONG is trailing in the development of innovation and technology. Its smart city infrastructure is lagging behind other advanced cities in the region. Keen to close the gap with these cities, the current administration has invested hundreds of millions of dollars, and some pilot projects have been unveiled one after another. Still, it has left citizens with the impression that there is much cry and little wool. Some measures aimed at supporting start-ups are neither ready nor focusing on the real issues. To build a smart city and promote innovation and technology development, it is necessary for the government to work closely with private organisations so as to establish synergy instead of each side working on their own. A top-down approach taken by the government will easily divorce itself from reality. The government should think about how to promote public-private cooperation and solicit the views of the private sector and end users in order to give an impetus to a smart city constructed in a bottom-up approach.