Editorial : US's hard and soft containment

【明報專訊】IN delivering his State of the Union speech, US president Donald Trump expressed his view that China and Russia had challenged not only America's economy and its interests but also its values. That shows the US and the rest of the West increasingly consider now China's rise has not only marred the world's politico-economic order but also begun to undermine the advantage with which Western civilisation has over the past two hundred years dominated the globe. As China projects its hard power and soft power globally, the containment strategy the US used to employ at China's door no longer works. Because of this, the US and its Western allies seem to be readjusting their strategies. Apart from continuing to rely on conventional military and diplomatic means to effect "hard containment" against China, they have attached greater and greater importance to "soft containment" and other means with a view to preventing China from projecting out its influence.