A Journey Backwards : Backpacking with your parents (1)

【明報專訊】In his book titled Bringing My Mom on a Trip (《帶媽媽去旅行:幸福與夢想的背包客之旅》), the Korean author detailed his journey around the world with his mother. Following his father's death, the author wistfully realised his time with his ageing mother was running short. His mother, on the other hand, was freed from the duties of caring for her husband for once. The partners in crime, with their backpacks 60L each, embarked on a year-long journey around the world, leaving behind their native Seoul. To the author's surprise, his mom, the housewife-for-life, behaved as a world-class backpacker, braving difficulties big and small on the road. While he panicked over prospective dangers, his mother was happily immersed in a world of new friends and adventures. Their default roles in life were turned around, which brought them closer to each other's perspective.