Editorial : A vituperative attack on judges

【明報專訊】THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CHINA under the Ministry of Culture has lost a lawsuit over the copyright of its renowned ballet, the Red Detachment of Women, and has been ordered by the court to pay the original scriptwriter 120,000 yuan in damages. But the dance troupe responded by issuing an online statement and calling a press conference. Not only did it attack the plaintiff for "going back on his word and making ill-gotten gains", but it also named the presiding judges and courts and hurled a stream of abuse at them using strong words like "inferior judges", "law-bending ruling" and "corruption of the judiciary". At a time when the central government has emphasised the full implementation of the rule of law, a central organ's vituperative and spiteful attack on an enforceable court ruling has raised eyebrows and inspired feeling that China has a long way before it becomes a society governed by law.