Editorial : Use of plastic bags

【明報專訊】IT is more than eight years since the government implemented the plastic bag levy scheme. The Environment Bureau (ENB) has from time to time presented shining figures to emphasise how successful the policy has been in helping alleviate the "plastic disaster". However, the ENB has recently disclosed that the amount of plastic bags dumped at the landfills went up again in 2016. The figure is a four-year high. Has the ENB been too optimistic about the effectiveness of the plastic bag levy scheme? This is a matter of concern. In assessing the effectiveness of its policies, the government should not just look at figures that are favourable to itself. It must always look for signs that may point to any loopholes in its policies. People are again doubtful that the scheme is effective. The government should earnestly evaluate the policy and reflect on the state of mind in which it handles the issue.