Editorial : The unstoppable trend of Hong Kong-mainland integration

【明報專訊】AT the turn of the year, let us wish our readers a year of advancement. Looking ahead to the year 2018, the opening of the Express Rail Link and the construction of the Greater Bay Area will bear witness to the rapid acceleration of the integration of Hong Kong and mainland China, which will open up a lot of new opportunities for development in Hong Kong. Undeniably, though, some people in Hong Kong society have in recent years been dead set against such integration, and many points of contention have triggered violent political arguments. The "co-location arrangement" is such a case. Even if the government does not engage in constitutional reform or the legislation of Article 23, more political storms might be on the cards. "The strong should treat the weak with magnanimity; the weak should treat the strong with wisdom," as the saying goes. It will take such wisdom to handle the conflicts arising from Hong Kong-mainland integration.