Editorial﹕Lesson from the baton assault conviction

【明報專訊】RETIRED POLICE SUPERINTENDENT Franklin Chu King-wai has been found guilty of assault occasioning actual body harm to Osman Cheng Chung-hang, a citizen. The Chu case has drawn wide concern because it is the second one involving police using excessive force during the Occupy Movement, the first being the seven-officer case. The defence stressed more than once that Chu "genuinely and honestly" believed that, to maintain law and order and prevent protesters from re-occupying Mong Kok, it was necessary to use "legitimate powers". However, video footage shows he was not in such circumstances that he could not but wield his baton. As Hong Kong's major armed force, the police are charged with fighting crime and protecting people. Officers may easily show their "ferocious fangs" if they are slightly lax in their self-restraint and self-discipline. To police officers, the Chu case is one they should take warning from. It reminds them they must always remain calm and restrained and never misuse the weapons they have.