Editorial﹕From opposition to Taiwan independence to pursuit of unification

【明報專訊】JUAN CARLOS VARELA, the President of the Republic of Panama who severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan less than half a year ago, is now on his first visit to mainland China. Last Thursday (16th November) was the 25th anniversary of the "1992 consensus" which was reached between the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and the Straits Exchange Foundation. However, neither side of the Taiwan Strait staged any commemorative events in that regard. While it is easy to understand why Taiwan has failed to do so, the mainland authorities' reluctance to commemorate the consensus might indicate that, after the 19th National Congress and the meeting between Xi Jinping and US president Donald Trump, the Beijing government's policy towards Taiwan has now transcended the 1992 consensus. It is no longer about opposing the independence movement; Beijing is now actively pursuing unification. The cross-strait relations today are now in a new historical stage.