Editorial : HK Express affair exposes authorities' oversight

【明報專訊】PRIOR to the National Day Golden Week holiday, HK Express suddenly cancelled 18 flights, leaving thousands of passengers in limbo and ruining their holidays. HK Express promised to give a refund to passengers and its CEO, Andrew Cowen, left the company. But that does not mean that the matter is over. The affair happened in the first place because HK Express's trainers left their posts en masse. The airline was unable to fill their posts in time and provide safety training for pilots and flight attendants. According to related regulations in the law, flight attendants have to receive safety training before they can get onboard and provide services for passengers. As HK Express was unable to have enough manpower, it had no choice but to cancel a large number of flights. The lack of organisation within HK Express's management is on full display. The Civil Aviation Department, which oversees such matters, must also shoulder responsibility.