Pop Around Town : How to be a Dummy or an Idiot

【明報專訊】When you read the title of this week's column, before you feel offended, please consider the following. Have you come across a complicated piece of machinery that you'd like to learn how to handle, but the manual that comes with it is filled with jargon and convoluted technical procedures? Have you felt that the more you try to read those manuals, the more confused you get? Or, have you felt that the longer you have left school, the more you have become hungry to learn new knowledge, either for self-improvement or for having an opportunity to reach the next level on your career ladder? In our local bookstores, you might have come across books with titles such as "Dummies for X" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Y." The truth is that over a million copies of those books have been sold, proving that there is definitely a robust market for these "How-to" books!