John Larrysson Column: Summer Story Chapter 5 Part 6
The Story of Grandfather's Sledge and the Pig (Part 3 of 4)

The boys thought about their new sledge. They wanted to slide downhill. But it was Sunday and no work or play was allowed. They looked at their Christian textbook and they thought about the new sledge. It seemed that Sunday would never end.

After waiting a long time they heard a snore, the sound people make in their sleep. They looked at their father. They saw that his head had fallen against the back of his chair and he was fast asleep.

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Then James looked at George and James got up from the bench. He tiptoed very quietly out of the room through the back door. George looked at your young grandfather and George tiptoed quietly after James. And your grandfather looked fearfully at his father, your great grandfather. But on tiptoe he quietly followed George and left their father sleeping and snoring.

They took their new sledge and went quietly up to the top of the hill. They meant to slide down, just once. Then they would put the sledge away. Afterwards they would go back to their bench and the Christian textbook before their father woke up.

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James sat in front on the sledge, then George and then your grandfather, because he was the littlest. The sledge started, at first slowly, then faster and faster. It was running, flying, down the long steep hill, but the boys dared not shout. They must slide silently past the house, without waking their father.

There was no sound except the little whirr of the runners (the bottom of the sledge) on the snow and the wind rushing past.

Then just as the sledge was moving quickly toward the house, a big black pig stepped out of the woods. He walked into the middle of the road and stood there.

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The sledge was going so fast it couldn't be stopped. There wasn't time to turn it. The sledge went right under the pig and picked him up. With a squeal he sat down on James. He kept on squealing, long and loud and shrill, “Squee-ee-ee-ee-ee! Squee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!”

They flashed quickly by the house, the pig sitting in front, then James, then George, then Grandfather. They saw their father standing in the doorway looking at them. They couldn't stop, they couldn't hide and there was no time to say anything. Down the hill they went, the pig sitting on James and squealing all the way.

At the bottom of the hill they stopped. The pig jumped off James and ran away into the woods (forest), still squealing. “Squee-ee-ee-ee-ee! Squee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!”

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