Editorial : Lesson drawn from 1967 riots
記取六七暴動教訓 行事不唯上忌空想

【明報專訊】IN May 1967, Hong Kong leftists, influenced by the ultra-leftist thought connected with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) on the mainland, started a struggle against Britain. The struggle turned into riots, in which radicals carried out bomb attacks. The riots did not end until Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai (as he then was) said the wave of bomb attacks should end. It is fifty years since then, but the mark they left on Hong Kong has yet to vanish. Struggles in Hong Kong have in recent years become radical and violent. That has aroused much debate and brought back many's memories of the 1967 riots. Hong Kong saw those riots at a particular time and in particular circumstances. It is hardly right to mention in the same breath what happened then and what is happening or judge what happened then by present-day standards.