Culture Express : Korean contemporary dance

【明報專訊】Korean dance has in recent years greatly impacted on the world, as has K-pop. Songs and dance-moves from Psy (who did Gangnam Style (2012)) and K-pop groups like Girl's Generation and Big Bang have fascinated many. But K-pop is only part of South Korea's culture. Festive Korea has been an annual event in Hong Kong since 2011. In it a range of art and culture events take place in October and November. The Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) is to stage a performance of Korean contemporary dance in Hong Kong for the first time so that locals and tourists will have a chance to know more about Korean dance. Titled Bul-ssang (《佛‧像》), the performance takes place between 8 pm and 10 pm on November 19 at New Wing Auditorium, Ko Shan Theatre.