The City Wanderer : Swordsman III and the unexpected swordfish

【明報專訊】Before Netflix spoilt everyone with excessive movie choices, my family had the habit of re-watching a film on VCD or VHS again and again. Topping the chart is Swordsman II (《笑傲江湖II東方不敗》), a tale of love and revenge between transgender villain East the Invincible (Brigitte Lin, 林青霞), travelling swordsman Linghu Chong (Jet Li, 李連杰) and the usurped leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult (Shi-kwan Yen, 任世官). Based loosely on a story known to average wuxia (武俠) fans, the film had the appropriate tempo, tension, and action that surpassed similar movies of that time. Its final scene where defeated Bridgette Lin fell off a cliff remains a popular reference in contemporary movie discussion.