John Larrysson Column: Summer Story Chapter 4 Part 6 - Prince & the Blue Dress (Part 2 of 3)

Last week Laura was listening to her father and her mother and Aunt Eliza and Uncle Peter talking about their big dog, Prince. Aunt Eliza went to get water. When Aunt Eliza got near the river Prince put his teeth in the back of her dress and pulled her.

Uncle Peter said, “So then she started on again toward the spring, where very clean water comes out of the ground. But Prince jumped into the path ahead of her and snarled at her. He paid no attention to her talking and scolding. He just kept on showing his teeth and snarling. When she tried to get past him he kept in front of her and snapped at her. That scared her.”

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“I should think it would!” her (Laura's) mother said.

“He was so wild, I thought he was going to bite me,” said Aunt Eliza. “I believe he would have.”

“I never heard of such a thing!” said her mother. “What on Earth did you do?”

“I turned right around and ran into the house where the children were. Then I quickly closed the door,” Aunt Eliza answered.

“Of course Prince was fierce with people he did not know,” said Uncle Peter. “But he was always so kind to Eliza and the children. I felt perfectly safe to leave them with him. Eliza couldn't understand it at all. After she got into the house, he kept pacing around it and growling. Every time she started to open the door he jumped at her and snarled.”

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Part three of Prince & the Blue Dress will be posted in Ming Pao English next Week.

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