The City Wanderer : Summer in Japan (1)

【明報專訊】As the Japanese yen climbs diligently, last-minute travel planners are torn in a dilemma: is it still wise to take advantage of the many recent flight promotions to Hong Kongers' favourite destination in East Asia? Indeed, with a new direct flight to Takamatsu (高松), it is hard to dismiss the possibility of a near visit. Heart of the Setouchi Triennale (瀨戶內國際藝術祭), Takamatsu and another twelve islands around the Seto Inland Sea have unexpected discoveries ready for visitors. Now in its third edition, the triennial event features artworks nestled in the once desolated area. Abandoned primary schools are transformed into inviting "museums". Stunning bamboo structures are erected in the middle of rice fields, serving as temporary community exchange centres. In its first edition, the event welcomed half a million visitors from around the world, even without direct flight connections. One can only expect more now that travelling has become easier.