John Larrysson Column: Summer Story Chapter 3 Part 5 - Where and Why to Keep a Gun

When her father was at home the gun always lay across those two wooden hooks above the door. Her father had cut the hooks out of a green (wood newly cut from a tree) stick with his knife and had driven their straight ends deep into holes in the log. The hooked ends curved up and held the gun securely (safely). Children must never play with their father's gun.

The gun was always loaded and ready to shoot. And it was always above the door, so that her father could get it quickly and easily, any time he needed a gun.

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When her father went into the forest, he always made sure that the bullet pouch was full of bullets, and that the tin patch box and the box of caps were with it in his pockets. The powder horn and a small sharp hatchet (small axe) hung at his belt. Then he carried the gun loaded and ready to shoot on his shoulder.

He always reloaded after he fired it. That way he was ready to shoot the gun as soon as he had fired it. That was because he did not want to meet trouble with an empty gun.

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Whenever he shot at a wild animal, he had to stop and load the gun—measure the powder, put it in and shake it down, put in the patch and the bullet and pound them down. Then he put a fresh cap under the hammer—before he could shoot again. When he shot at a bear or a panther, he must kill it with the first shot. A wounded bear or panther could kill a man before he had time to load his gun again.

But Laura and Mary were never afraid when her father went alone into the Big Forest. They knew he could always kill bears and panthers with the first shot.

After the bullets were made and the gun was loaded and ready to shoot, came story-telling time.

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