John Larrysson Column: Summer Story Chapter 3 Part 3 - Cleaning the Gun

Her father would take his gun down from the wall and clean it. Out in the snowy forest all day, it might have gotten wet and the inside of the gun was sure to be dirty from gun-powder smoke. It is very important to clean your tools. Her father was a hunter and they lived on the meat he could get in the forest. People today do not need guns to get meat. However we still need to keep our tools clean whether it is a computer, wrench or a gun.

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So her father would take a metal rod (long straight stick) from its place under the gun and fasten a piece of clean cloth on its end. He stood the bottom end of the gun in a frying pan beside the fireplace and poured boiling water from the tea kettle into the gun. Then quickly, he dropped the metal rod in and rubbed it up and down, up and down. The hot water blackened with powder smoke spurted out (when water comes out quickly) through the little hole on which the cap was placed when the gun was loaded and ready to shoot. The cap was made of a metal called brass, with a small piece of high quality gun powder used to fire the gun.

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He kept pouring in more water and washing the gun with the cloth on the metal rod, until the water ran out clear and clean. Then the gun was clean. The water must always be boiling, so that the heated steel would dry very quickly. If it was not dry, it might rust.

Then her father put a clean cloth with oil on the metal rod and while the gun was still hot he oiled it well on the inside. With another clean cloth, also with oil on it, he rubbed it all over outside, until every bit of it was oiled and clean.

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