The City Wanderer : Rashomon

【明報專訊】It's been ten years since he last saw Tracy, his dream-girl in junior high school. Not that they were ever close to each other - Tracy has always been a high-achiever of all sorts. Within the same 24 hours a day, she seemed to be able to complete three times the things another did, acing all her tests and captaining two sports teams. He, on the other hand, is at most mediocre (平庸的) in all his endeavours. People remember him for the troubles he made as little as the marks he scored. As a matter of fact, the two's paths never crossed, except for the artificial junction created by a Hello Kitty soft toy he gave her as a present on her fifteenth birthday. His emotions, like water in the mine, ran deeply and subtly in the following decade. When I last saw him a week ago, he wondered if the Hello Kitty toy was still with her, in the same wistful tone he would have said it ten years ago. When I recounted this to Tracy over the phone, she was properly amused.