A Little English﹕The Cat and the Nightingales

【明報專訊】The cat caught a nightingale and held it tightly in its claws. He whispered into the terrified bird's ear, "I have heard people praising you for your wonderful singing. They say you are the best. Even my friend the fox agrees you have such a lovely voice... so sweet, so moving. Everyone who hears you is utterly enchanted. I am quite fond of music myself, you know. Oh, why are you shaking like that? Relax! Please don't misunderstand me. Did you think I was going to eat you? No such thing! I'm a fan and I'd love to hear you sing. Just give me one little tune and I will let you go and fly about the trees as free as ever. We are both music lovers after all. I often hum and purr myself to sleep."