Pop Around Town﹕Attract & Fall

【明報專訊】I used to wear a hip American brand of casual wear. I particularly liked their body-hugging t-shirts, although their sweatshirts and pants, as well as buttoned-up shirts, were also my favourites. Let's just call the brand "ey&ef". The brand was first popularised mainly among teenagers, attracting many loyal customers from college-aged sporty types. But the most eye-catching accomplishment of the brand was less their clothes than their serial advertising images of vibrant and scantily-dressed youth. The typical "ey&ef" model is white, muscular (for the male model), curvy (for the female one), with bright white teeth shown in a broad smile, and posing in a free-spirited manner. When they use an African-American model, he or she exhibits more or less the same "Anglo" physique (體型). The young men proudly exhibit their six-pack abdomens, while the young women typically don a healthy glow with flowing locks of hair.